After you have shared the Sacrament or received a Blessing and would like to receive prayers for healing with the laying on of hands, a clergyperson and a member of the healing prayer team will pray with you in the meditation space at the back of the church.

Why do we offer prayers for healing?  During his earthly ministry, Jesus healed many of the people around him – whether they were ill physically, mentally, or spiritually. Jesus also restored to wholeness broken relationships, and he sent his disciples to continue the work of healing through prayer in his name. We are the inheritors of that ministry of healing. In the laying on of hands and prayer, we proclaim the good news that God desires us to be whole and one in the body of Christ.

Why do we practice laying on of hands?  The laying on of hands is an ancient sign of the Christian tradition and has long been associated with prayers for healing. Jesus and his disciples often touched the people whom they healed. Physical contact serves as an aid to prayer and communicates to the individual needing prayer a level of human concern and love beyond what words alone can convey.