It’s still easy to participate in our stocking project – just save the required number of quarters each month, and, at the end of the year, you should have $20.00 in your “stocking”!

The funds raised are forwarded to an organization for use in their ministry. The chosen recipient alternates between a local organization and one that is overseas. Some of the organizations that the project has supported include: Nutrition for Learning, Dr. Graham’s Homes Earthquake Relief, The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine, Out of the Cold and the Penman Clinic in Zebabdeh. Thank you for supporting this project.

Though Christmas is far off, we know,
It shouldn’t be too shocking
To put a quarter in the toe
Of your ACW stocking!

February is the second month….
So, put in two, you see.
While March, the third month of the year,
Will call for quarters three.

With April over, you will have
Four more quarters than you had.
Then, in the pleasant month of May
Another five coins you will add!

Six in June, seven in July….
See how the bulge is showing?
In August, put in quarters eight,
And watch how the stocking is growing!

September – nine, October – ten,
Eleven in November.
December calls for quarters twelve
You surely will remember.

Your Christmas quarters now are done,
A total of seventy-eight.
But if you would add another two,
That would be just great!

Sometime in Advent (we’ll let you know
When the date is set)
You’ll be asked to bring your stocking in.
Be sure you don’t forget!

Below is a chart showing how much should be in your stocking by the end of each month.

Month # of quarters (amount) in
How much should be in
stocking at end of month
January 1 ($0.25) $0.25
February 2 ($0.50) $0.75
March 3 ($0.75) $1.50
April 4 ($1.00) $2.50
May 5 ($1.25) $3.75
June 6 ($1.50) $5.25
July 7 ($1.75) $7.00
August 8 ($2.00) $9.00
September 9 ($2.25) $11.25
October 10 ($2.50) $13.75
November 11 ($2.75) $16.50
December 12 ($3.00) $19.50
Plus $0.50 to round it out $20.00